The STRIVE Plan 2.0

2.0 offers drone pilots a few new ways to connect with a network of pilots, plus additional tools for flying safe, ethical, and green.

Did you know that developing a wildlife disturbance reduction plan will increase the value of your business? In this course we are dedicated to helping you design a robust wildlife disturbance reduction plan, integrate steps into the various parts of a drone project to minimize your drone operational footprint at the control site, and you walk away with multiple checklists for safe and responsible drone operations.
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The STRIVE Plan 2.0

STRIVE Plan 2.0


  • Wildlife Disturbance Reduction Plan

    At the end of this course you will create a wildlife disturbance reduction plan and know how to take action in your drone operations. You will show your clients how your committed to reducing impacts to wildlife and minimize your drone operation footprint at the control site.

  • Four Flight Operations Checklists

    You receive four checklists in this course. 1. communicating with your flight crew. 2. preparing for preflight to post flight operations. 3. Flight ready checklist. 4. Equipment checklist

  • Community

    Environmental stewardship is a culture and professional. During this course you join other drone pilots who have pledged to fly responsibly and respect wildlife. It's all about being a part of the drone conservation tribe. We also have a free Facebook Group for those who are looking for freebies.

  • Monthly Coaching Calls

    Alimosphere hosts a monthly coaching call for the paid student group. Find us in the STRIVE Plan Facebook online page. We discuss questions from our community of online learners.

  • Flight Planning Tips

    We offer more than 25 tips that you can implement today to make your drone flight plans risk adverse and increase value to your customers.

  • Case Studies

    This class features multiple case studies of drones used for conservation. We highlight drone pilots who work in remote places to research wildlife and habitats. Find out how they plan for safe and responsible flights.



  • 01
    Welcome and Start Here
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    • STEP 1 - Read the welcome overview
    • STEP 2 - Join the Student Facebook Group
    • Contact Customer Service
  • 02
    Monthly Coaching Call Schedule
    Show details
    • Monthly Coaching Call Schedule
  • 03
    Introduction to the course
    Show details
    • STEP 3 - Watch a message from your instructor
    • STEP 4 - Introduce yourself
    • STEP 5 - Establishing Goals
    • DOWNLOAD - The STRIVE Plan Workbook to get started
    • Almost Done!
  • 04
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    • Step 1 - Scope
    • Step 1 Scope
    • Step 1: Seek (con't)
    • Step 1 Seek
    • Discussion Question 1
    • Step 2 - Toolbox
    • Discussion Question 2
    • Alimosphere Preflight to Post flight Checklist
    • Alimosphere Flight Crew Communication Checklist
    • Alimosphere Equipment Checklist
    • Alimosphere Flight Ready Checklist
  • 05
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    • Step 3 - Review
    • Please share a specific tactic you have used to improve your drone flights from causing wildlife disturbance.
    • Case Study - Dr. Douglas Krause measures body condition of leopard seals in the Antarctic
    • Step 4 - Inflight Operations
    • What is your favorite drone flight application?
    • Step 5 - Visual Observer
    • Case Study - Raya Islam studies elephants and discusses the importance of a visual observer
    • What one thing have you done in the last year to improve wildlife disturbance reduction when flying a drone?
  • 06
    Post Flight
    Show details
    • Step 6 - Educate, Share, Log
    • Case Study: Field Lessons From Australia
    • What information about wildlife do feel is the most important to include in your flight logs?
    • STRIVE Workbook - Six Steps for designing a flight plan that is safe, ethical, and green
    • Congratulations You've Completed the Course!
    • Next Steps
    • Final thoughts on this course

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