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  • Define Goals

    Step 1 we define your course goals. We go through the why, what, and how you do conservation research and how similar objectives you use to design your science can apply to the outcomes in an online course. Recently, what have you published that you feel is important for conservation research in the future?

  • Map Your Expertise

    Step 2 is mapping your expertise. We will dive into the topics people most often ask about your research. If a student spent a day with you what would they learn?

  • Research Methods

    Step 3 is a review of a couple of methods you've used to explore conservation research and why you chose these methods. What would a student learn from your research methods that would substantially improve their data collection?

  • Audience

    Step 4 is defining your target audience. Yes, just like submitting to a journal - we want to help you find the right audience to share your research.

  • Design Your Method Online

    Step 5 let's start the design process. Now that we know who, what, why, and how we can go from a published method to a method online.

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